My first tour in Ilocos:D

This is my first time to travel in Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur:) there are many interesting places that can be seen here. The places are so clean and i love the weather. This is the first day of tour.

This is the Paoay. A old church that is made of mud clay:)

This is the Malacanang of the North. this is where President Marcos lived.

Fort Ilocandia Hotel where we stay for a night:D.

This is the Burgos Lighthouse. This lighthouse serve as a important part of this place and many people sacrifice their lives here.

The Bangui windmills. This serve as the source of electricity of the people leaving there. they pay their bills at cheaper costs.

We also enjoy boating in Pagudpod Beach seeing the beautiful corals and mountains.

Pottery Making

Baluarte of Chavit Singson

Crisologo Museum

Stone house while taking a ride of Kalesa:)


We enjoy out Ilocos Tour and i hope i will visit this palace again because i learned many things. Nice spot for relaxation and a place for many activities with your friends and family 🙂


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