Giving back

I and my classmates went in a place to give bible stories and food. Those children that cannot afford to eat trice a day. We gave them some stories and we really realize that we are still lucky than them.

We  really enjoy their company and in a span of time we had new friends and we know something about them.

Aside from the kids that we visited we also went to a place to have also our Community Service. There  are different sections that also come to help. We clean a a place here in Cavite.

The location that were given to us was to clean a basketball court. It was very tiring but we enjoyed it because there were many students also help to clean the place:)

Some of the students conduct a feeding program. There were children that were given a chance to eat. Everyone was so happy that there are people who still care and give what they can give. I learned many things while we were doing this and im happy that in simple ways i helped and made them smile:)


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