before i go out:)

The things i needed before i go out the house. Well just the basic things here are the following:


1. A mini rosary- i bring this everyday so that He will guide me 😀


2. A coin purse- of course this is where i put my money. I am not bringing wallet i don’t know why? hahaha :))


3. Key of our house- im bringing keys because before i experience to wait many hours outside our house and waiting that my mom or my younger brother come home so instead i have my own keys 😉






4. a powder- well just to have some retouch and i am not really using foundation etc because i am allergic 😦



5.  Lip balm/ lipstick-  because even without putting anything on your face just a lipstick or lip balm your ready to go:)

6.  Cellphone-  (i dont really have a cellphone like this im just dreaming hehehe)  everybody really need this for communication, entertainment, anything or even flashlight hehehe:P



7. a ballpen and a paper- just in case you need to write or jot down. I really need this because i always forget something:)


Here are few things you can really see on my small bag. Just a few items but for me it is really helpful.


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