simple is better :)

Do i really love dressing up?? hmm well for me not much?? hahahaha… 🙂 im am not a kikay girl i am just wearing a comfortable dress or clothes.

honestly i dont know how to mix and match clothes sometimes my mom or my friends always choose what will i wear and what accessories will i use.

funny right?


When you look at some of the pictures im just wearing a basic clothes like blouse, jeans, shorts and a simple slippers.

hmmmm… about my style? i dont show too much of my skin if i will wear sleeveless i go with jeans or if i will wear shorts i wear a blouse or a long sleeve as my top. 🙂


I adore those people who really love dressing up and they look very stylish.

I know that girls have different views about their styles. Some are playful, some are funky and many other styles.




I do believe in what the say as “simple is better” so when i go out i just wear the basic one. I prefer more comfortable clothes than very stylish one hehehe.


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