Celebrating our Christmas 2010:)

It was late evening when i heard that we will have our reunion with my relatives. I was so excited because for how many months i will see my cousins and my other tita and tito again 🙂

Dec. 24, 2010  3:15 pm we will now travel to Valenzuela

While at the bus 🙂 just taking picture, texting hahaha 🙂 chit chatting with my brother

to Manila

this is where we waited for sooo long because of traffic grr 😦

at the Trinoma  ahahaa….

at 8:10 pm we reach our relatives place super long travel…. but i enjoy. i really dont forget what my little sister did when we where on the bus because she saw a train she was amazed with it that was her first time to see a train in real time haha:) and the malls that we saw was full of christmas decorations and it makes the place really nice 🙂

and now

with my little sister and our cousins we called them the cheeky girls ^^

picture taking with the Family 😀 our lola, lolo,tito, tita and cousins

the Boys of the family

heheheh ……

our food 🙂 yum yum

we have a lot of food i really enjoy eating 😀

this was the idea of my mom to take this kind of post hahah yet her two sister agreed to do it 😀

i really had fun that time we eat, dance, play games sing videoke at 3am imagine, taking pictures and most especially telling stories with each other. It was a long time since we saw each other again..

see you next Christmas again ♥

Merry Christmas to everyone


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