New Year’s Resolutions

My new year’s resolutions are:

  1. I should never be late in everything (hope so!!!!!!)
  2. healthy lifestyle (come on kayz)
  3. organize my things (kinda hard)
  4. read more books and magazines (interesting)
  5. study more (yeah for the sake of ….. hmmmm hahaha)
  6. avoid sleeping late (to avoid pimples grrr)
  7. pray a lot (everyone need that)
  8. pamper myself at least once a month (hmmm well i like that)
  9. go to a place i never visit ( hahhah gala parin assuall)
  10. save money (want to buy something really nice)
  11. know how to  manage my time (yahhh)
  12. not being lazy ( huhu)
  13. improve my penmanship ( hahaha i think it will be impossible but i will try)
  14. always ask permission
  15. lastly i hope i can do all of these stuff than the other new year’s resolution i did :))

well i hope i can accomplish everything on my list ♥

nothing to add!!! hahahah It’s really hard to make a New Year’s resolution but i need it.


well HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. I hope 2011 will be a great year for everyone.


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