a special message from a GIRL and now turns to a LADY!!!

Before January. 4,2011 i received many greetings from my closest friends, family and relatives.. I was very happy because they remember my DAY 🙂 it was my 18th birthday but i haven’t prepare anything..

these were the comments that catches my attention because there unique messages..

but of course i didn’t ignored some greeting from my family, relatives and friends.

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It was MY DAY…

i was on my best-friend’s house doing many things. I was so busy that day because i really need to finish some of the things i need in school. then suddenly my mama came and ask me to go home first. I did not ask why then i go with her..

at our house i saw a cake on our table.

then suddenly my closest friends came out and greet me. I was so shocked because i didn’t know that they will come.

they are the choir in our school (hahaha)

they started a mini party. hahaha 🙂

after that i go to the mall to meet my best friend and tita.
they will treat me  there. i was so happy because they made my day happy and enjoyable 🙂

i know it is just a simple day for me but i really appreciated the efforts for those people who really love me that greeted me through Facebook, Twitter, text and calls.

Thank you to my Family, friends, and relatives. Im sorry that i cannot mention one by one but from the bottom of my hypothalamus nyahaha and heart..

THANK YOU LORD for giving me a wonderful family and friends:) for the 17 years of my life i learned many things. Thank you for always guiding us helping us in everything we do. ( lakas ko kay BRO).

Also for a very special person that love me from who i am and love me at my best and worst. Thank you for making me smiling and cheering me up.

and now i will enter a new chapter  of my life and i know that there are my love ones who will help me and stay with me through good times and bad times.


My wishes are good health for myself, my family, friends and relatives. To finish my studies and to be successful in the future.


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