share thoughts, inspire = BLOG

As what i am saying before i would want more blogs  this 2011. To share anything, what i feel and what is happening to my life. I guess this would be my hobby.

Who influence me to start blogging?

I was so curious about this things. I just heard some of my friends that i can earn through blogging then now i realize that it  is does not really matter if you can earn or not for me the most important thing is just to share your simple thoughts  and what you will learn everyday.

When did i start Blogging?

Since late 2009 but i am not that active i just post one or two blogs in a month. I was using blogspot but then one of my friend asked me that i can blog in wordpress. So i started blogging here. It was fun and i also read other blogs that would inspire me more.

What i learned through blogging?

I learned to blog and share what i want to share. If i am on the mood to  blog then i blog. I was happy because when i want to reminisce i just read my past blogs in this way i remember what i did before and compare what i do before and now.

What can i advice to other bloggers?

Well i cannot advice them because i am not that good at blogging. I am just a beginner. If i have time then i blog. I think blogging will be the best way to save memories, to share and also to inspire. ♥



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