day dreaming

I was revising my resume for an OJT one afternoon because i need to pass it the next day. It was so cold and just doing something else. I got bored when suddenly i was dreaming of what would be my future job. Before when i was in elementary i wanted to be a PEDIATRICIAN. I love kids that’s why i choose it so that when they are sick i am the one who will give them medicine kinda like that. As time pass by my mind change when I was watching a movie it is about flight attendants i was really amazed  and i wanted to be like them because they travel anywhere, they meet different kinds of people, and i think its very enjoyable. I was in 4th year and i really need to choose what would be my course. I take entrance exams in different universities. My 3 choices of course are BS Tourism, BS ECE ( i really dont know why i like this course and i know i cant survive because it has a lot of numbers!!!), and BS HRM. I am now i enrolled at LPU- Cavite taking up BS Tourism Management and  i am really enjoying although i am not that sure if i can be a flight attendant because i realized i am only 5’2ft :(.

I know there will be more jobs in the field i choose not only becoming a flight attendant. I dont loose hope hehehe… 🙂 I could also work in Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agencies and a lot more. I hope my dreams will come true to travel around the world, to taste different kinds of  foods, to meet new people.

Have the faith, keep the spirit Aja!! hehehe 🙂

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