You are beautiful :)

How do you measure true beauty? Someone that is sexy, has a nice color of skin, a good face etc?

Everyone wanted to be beautiful in any ways. Dressing up, putting makeups, having a good diet. Like this girls, who are one of the most beautiful women in the world.


Cameroon Diaz

She is a world-known American actress. Also one of the best dress in female celebrity. She also have different shows in Hollywood 😀


Angelina Jolie

She has been cited multiple times as one of the world’s most beautiful women.

Kristine Hermosa

She is a Filipina actress. She has acted in soap operas on television and in movies.

All of them look very beautiful and we idolize them because of how they carry themselves , how good they are, and the way the talk to the people. Being beautiful doesn’t only mean that you are sexy or good looking. There are women having insecurities( i know that it is normal yes!) because they are fat or they are brown so on and so forth. We should realize that beauty is not only what people see OUTSIDE  but what is also INSIDE. Good attitude, being smart and humble is still the best.

Do not be disappointed if you don’t  have like this and like that because  everyone is unique. You have your own set of beauty ( and me toO :D). So GIRLS just think you are beautiful in any ways. Appreciate other beauty and also yours.

WE ARE BEAUTIFUL 🙂 Take care ♥

Here is a song for everybody Thanks for reading and happy listening!!!


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