the most awaited moment

For the longest  time i been posting again. I was busy and enjoy blogging at my other acount. hehehe

Anyway It’s already March and we all know that in this month students are excited for the most awaited moment of their life, which is the GRADUATION DAY. Everyone is so excited when they hear this words. It’s like “finally next level”

I just wanted to share my experiences from KINDER to High School 🙂

This was my picture when i graduated Kinder 🙂 i was so small and i really dont know what is happening but i enjoy wearing that toga 😀

After 6 years this was my picture. I graduated Elementary 🙂 i remember our graduation song was ” Special memory” hehehe

I was really excited that time because i will be High School 🙂 be more matured 😉

And after 4 years I graduated HIGH SCHOOL.. i was so happy becuase finally i will be in college but sad somehow because we will be separate and they will have new friends and classmates in college 🙂  Our Graduation Song was “I will be there by Kyla” 🙂

I am an incoming 3rd year next semester and honestly when i go back in the past i was so happy because one more step ahead and i will graduate COLLEGE!!! so fast. Let’s keep praying that i will graduate (cross finger) hehehe…

To everybody i hope you treasure this kind of moment and give credits to our beloved Parents and Teachers because they are the persons that will be proud of us 🙂



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