a journey…..

It’s been two months since i started my OJT at NYK. I was assigned in a Shipping Company ( sa mga seaman) I had fun well  i just want to share my experiences while on the road.  As in ung travel ko. Ang daming ngyari sa akin while taking a trip going to the establishment i was assigned to.

It takes 1 1/2 hours ( without traffic) and maybe 2-3 hours ( pag traffic ) ang time ko going to NYK. So sa tagal ng pag cocomute ko marami din akong nameet na mga tao, weird na naexperience inside the bus. Yes!

1. Standing inside the Bus.

Its kinda hard to travel for long time then imagine standing pa. Saan ka pa di ba? I experience that and sobrang sakit sa paa. I wanted to sleep sometimes but i cant baka kasi matumba. hehe that was my early weeks of traveling but now sa mismong terminal na ako sumasakay so that di na standing. There are cases naman na there are good people who will stand up just to provide you seats 🙂 ( di ba ang bait?) but sometimes as in DEADMA!

2. Kaskaserong Driver!

OMG! nakakaloka ung mga ganitong driver na ung bigla bigla nlng pumepreno! It can really cause accident 😦 lagi ko nararanasan ung ganito kaya minsan nakakatakot rin.

3. Road Accidents

On the way to work na when suddenly our bus was hit by a taxi. Our bus was heading to Quirino Avenue when a taxi overtaked. Aun nabangga ung taxi sa bus. No one was injured. Everybody inside the bus was in a hurry because were all late. Also i witnessed different road accidents while on the way to our house something like that. Next was there was a woman crossing the street while the bus was running, good thing nakaiwas ung bus namin over liko ng bus tsk halos kami kamuntikan matumba.

Moral Lesson: Everyone should be careful when driving to avoid accident.

4. Mga Bastos na katabi!

Eto ung pinaka nakakainis na experience ko. Grabe mga tao talaga. Imagine ung “Chansing”!! Damn ayoko lng magsalita noon. Nakakahiya kasi mag skandalo. Pero at least un lng ang ginawa niya. May isa, pa ung sandalan ako sa balikat hindi ko alam kung nakatulog lng siya or aun na todo iwas ako eh hmf.

5. Strangers turns to friends

In the brighter side of this there are still good thing happened. Ung tipong bigla nalng nagkaroon ng friends inside the bus, mga mababait na passengers and etc. Thankful because meron pa rin mabait sa mundo 🙂

(she became my playmate)

All in all there are bad and good things happened to me. Charge to experience, and i know i will experience the worst in the future. I really learned a lot in this journey of my life that now i am starting to enter the real world.


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