Finally i Did it :)

I finished my OJT last friday. I was so happy because i did it but sad because i will leave them (my boss and friends).  I learned many things from them and the company. I had a nice experience.

From the preparation of different documents like my resume, clearances and etc and after that finding an establishment and working on them. Now it is finally over.

Back on my first day April, 1, 2011. I really dont know what will happen to me. I am so nervous because this is it, the real world outside school and it will be different from what i supposed to do. I met new people and friends who will guide me for the rest of my OJT. They are so kind to me. They taught me how to do this and like that and everything.

After few weeks i became more comfortable and i get used to it. I know my tasks, what will i do and etc. I knew them more and more and hearing different advices and suggestions are the nicest things to hear. Honestly there are small problems that we encounter but we easily solved it. It is really part of work. 

The things that i will miss are those people who were there to support me, who gave advices and to those who believe me. They will be my inspiration.  It is just two months but i learned a lot of things about family life, career and love life :)) hehehe..

This is it the last day.. Everyone was talking about it. They said that they will miss us and the funny thing “I SHOULD TREAT THEM” hahaha…

One of the instructor and boss treat me that day( hahaha even it is ordinary day i really receive foods from them ahahah so blessed!)

Anyway… i just want to share some of the last words from my boss and friends 🙂

“mag-aaral kayong mabuti ha, wag munang mag-aasawa and goodluck sa studies” – fr. Maam Redgie

“aalis na kayo, ganun talaga kelangan un… basta kung gaano ka kasipag dito ganoon ka rin sa magiging work mo in the future good luck at ingat…” -fr. Maam Carms

“girl mag-iingat ka, basta andito lng ako pag kelangan mo ako wag lang Pera… Joke pero kung meron naman.. basta goodluck :)” – fr. Maam Lhen

“eto lang ang masasabi ko sayo, sa work di lahat magiging kaibgan mo dapat alert ka lalo na sa field nyo mas maraming competition kaya dapat marunong ka…” fr. Maam Ailyn

“sabi ko sayo KC dapat seaman ang maging asawa mo tgnan mo to…… hahaha 🙂  May ate kaba? adik…” Fr. Sir Tabilog

“bye KC, ingatz….” fr. Sir Belly

“ingatz kayo ha aral mabuti.. hehe” fr Sir. Jay

“pakabait kayo, lapit na kayo tumayo sa sarili nyong mga paa, tulad namin ngayon, aral mabuti.. God bless.. tc parati.. Advice? just txt me =)” fr. Sir Nell

Kuya Criz- one of the OJT- COOK. became my friend.

Sir Pos- one of the instructor

Sir Racelis

Maam Ailyn- super jolly and a nice person 🙂

Sir Jay and Sir Nell

Maam lhen, Noimz and ME


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