KC the Explorer :P

In my 2 months of stay in NYK-FIL, I was able to go to different places. Like:

The Intramuros:

The Hotel Intramuros

The NYK Clinic

The Street

Top view of Intramuros

Next is to roam around the company honestly i was amazed with their facilities. You feel like your in the real ship. I was not able to get more pictures 😦

To The Faculty of NETI

The Registrar. This is where i was assigned.

The Kitchen Area

The Azotea or function hall

Next was to visit the 2 famous church: the San Agustin Church and the Manila Cathedral which is inside the Intramuros.

Next stop is the Lyceum Manila. I was asked to bring something it to someone. I was really ashamed to enter the University because i really dont know where is the CITHM Faculty. Hahaha.. I was able to roam around the campus and explore it 🙂

Next is to go to DIVISORIA. So many items to buy at a cheaper price. I wanna go back someday if i have a lot of money 🙂


Next is the Heritage Hotel. This was the first time to visit the Heritage Hotel special thanks to Sir Nell and Sir. Jay ♥

I learned and experienced a lot of things. I  love to explore :)) In every step i take lead to a new adventure 😉


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