I am the person who do not like rain. hahaha. Maybe because i don’t want to get wet but honestly i am afraid of thunders.

It was 5pm on our clock and i look outside. Its raining again. I watched on the news that there is a storm  name FALCON. It brought a lot of rain this day. There were places that has flood. Also i am worried about him because he went outside to travel but when i texted him he said that he is okay.When it is raining i am super lazy and just seat in the sofa, watched television or do something else. Sometimes i reminisce, thinking about anything about him, or sometimes my family. some sort of  “EMO”.

Well for me, Rain is like a part of  everyone’s life. You must be strong to handle it. Life is a full of challenges and we cannot get what we want in life. We really need to experience it to know if we are strong enough to face it. No matter what happen stay strong and Keep the faith always. Trust Him and he will do what is the best.

Just like the song RAINBOW by Southborder

“That no matter what happens life goes on and on… so oh baby just smile.. There is rainbow after the rain… “

Song for this post:)


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