Dream.. a bad or a good sign?

Recently, i experienced weird dreams. As in weird! I dont know bakit ganoon mga dreams ko. Hindi ko alam kung ano ba mga pahiwatig noon.

I remember last year binangungot ako. It was November 1, 2010. Imagine mo “All Saints Day”. I was at our house then, I saw myself dying. How? I was shot many times by a man. I can’t see the face of the man. Then i was trying to wake up because i know it is just a dream, but i can’t. There were blood on my body and in the floor. I was crying then in just a moment my eyes open. I was so shocked. I thought it was true. Until i wake up i am still crying. I was so afraid. I told to my brother what was my dream and just said i should pray. Then i did.

Now i dont experienced what we called “bangungot” but i have a weird dreams.


Weird dream number 1.

I was sitting at the couch when suddenly i am crying because i broke up with him. 😦


Weird dream number 2.

I was holding a pregnancy test and it says “2 Lines or Positive”. I dont know if it is mine or not, suddenly there were blood on my legs (i think i was miscarriage). When i woke up i thought i just had a monthly period but there’s nothing.


Weird dream number 3.

I was so happy and i dont know what is the reasons why? When i open my eyes my little sister was smiling at me.


There you are some of my weirdest dream a few days ago. What does it mean? hmmmm.. Honestly, I experienced some of my dreams to be happened when i did not say it to the others. I dont know why?


Just keep praying. 🙂 KC



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