My Stuffs :)

One Monday afternoon, i decided to clean my room. I clean all the cabinets i fixed my closet and all. I also put my bed in different position because in the morning the sun wake me up and its really hot. While cleaning my room i found many things like remembrance, different documents and many others. I just took some pictures.

This was all my remembrances i just put it on one place. Invitations, Tickets and everything

Some of the gifts and souvenirs.

My Certificates, Diplomas and other awards during my grade school and high school days 🙂

My Project during Junior high. and some of my class pictures 🙂

My book shelf 🙂 Though i don’t read a lot.. If i have free time i read sometimes.

My World Map?

Yes i have this because i always look at this and sometimes locate and memorize countries and capitals. I am a Tourism student so i must be knowledgeable about the world. Though it is not hard for me because in my grade school i was able to study Geography and i know the country, locations, capitals, flags and others. now i just refreshing my mind because i forget most of them .


While cleaning i saw this report card 🙂 Yes i realized i was good before but now? oh ow i don’t know 😛 (Wrong Name) 🙂

Anyways this is some of my stuffs. i was tired cleaning my room but it feels good to sometimes look at my things before it made me smile. ♥


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