Miss MVP :)

It was our sports-fest way back 4 years ago I was 3rd year high school when i joined a basketball game for women. I was a volleyball player but i want to experience what is good about playing basketball. There were 4 teams that time. I was in Golden Dragon Team. In a group there were only few people who joined for a basketball game but still they continue. 3 vs 3 only in one game. Our team fight against the others and finished the Elimination Round. Honestly i’m not really good at playing basketball but because of the help of my brother and coach in the game was able to play it good. The opponents were so big and imagine im so skinny yet so fast to run and shoot the ball in the ring.

Our team made it to the finals. All were very nervous. Unexpectedly we won the game. I was tired then but happy because after all the struggle we made it to the top 🙂 and the important moment is that i never expected to be the MISS. MVP. yes your not mistaken. I was awarded and i got a medal.


I am so proud of my team and myself 🙂

After a year. I was a Senior High School already and this is it our last year in high school. Another Sports-fest happen again. This time i practiced so that there will be a better game than last year. Another teammates and coach again. That time was in the Green Team. On our first game i was so inspired to play. In the middle of the game because the ball will go outside i saved the ball and throw it inside to my teammate unfortunately i stepped on a wrong foot then i fell on the ground. Everybody helped me to stand up and yet i can’t. After 10 minutes i decided to play the game again they said no! because if a play that time my injury will be worsen but because i want to win i played. We won the first game i go home injured and the sad part was i did not play for the 2nd game until in the championship. I came back to school and it was awarding ceremony. I watched it to know who is the MISS MVP. I was surprised because my last year team mate got the award. I was so happy because though i did not got the award still my team mate before got it. We had a good team last year.

I was thankful about the result because my team also won in different categories although i did not participate because of my injury. Until now i am still problematic about my left foot because it might happen again 😦


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