because we are Kikay :)

I and my Girlfriends before talked about PHOTOSHOOT. And finally it happened. It was 6 am when i woke up and prepare my things for it. My Girlfriends arrived at our house at 8:30 am. Yes, they were late hahaha… but its okay 😉 We put our own make up, clothes and etc.

We decided to wear casual attire. This is it!!!


(Attire: from my Closet, Accessories: from Myself and Angelique, Hair and Make up: made by Myself, Shoes: from Me also, Special thanks to Lemuel for the Contact lens.)

I am not familiar with the kind of pose i will do and as you can see i am conscious. :))

(Place: outside our house in a tree of ALATIRIS…) 

Change Clothes: i dont know what will i call this attire but i think ahm dress? hahaha.. It was very hot but still i enjoyed the sun.



(Clothes from Angelique, Shoes from Karen, Accessories from Lemuel and Hair and Make up by ME!)


And yes it’s done. I dont have the pictures of the other girls because the camera used  was not mine hahahha.. We really enjoy though it is very hot outside. Also most of the people who saw us doing this were bullying us. Anyway i dont care hehehe..

Next time again DESPERADAS 🙂 ♥♥♥

Special thanks also: IDK Photography by Karen….


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