Going somewhere….

This was the idea of my kapatid to go to Tagaytay because he will going to celebrate his birthday on July.18. He wants to go to church and also to gala na. It was Sunday afternoon when we go out.

While at the bus going to Tagaytay…. The celebrant and Me 😉


Me, My mama and Khen, my little sister.


It was 5:30 i think when we arrived at pink sisters. So cold 🙂 We hear the mass..

Busy running when i call her saying “Picturan kita bhe..” then she pose.


After the mass we went at Angel’s Hills. One of my favorite Church here in Tagaytay.


The Angel’s Hills…..


Love the place and the church. It has a small space and simple decorations but look classy 🙂

After we went there we decide to go to Lourdes Church i’m not that sure what is the name anyway just to hear a mass because we did not hear the mass early at Pink Sisters but unfortunately we are late again. While standing outside the door 10 minutes the mass was ended. Suddenly i saw a actress Maricar de Mesa with his husband passing besides us going to ride a car. She’s so simple 🙂

After our explorations we had a great day and also we bond together.. Thank you Lord 🙂


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