‘D part 2 of Because we are Kikay :)

As i promised on one of my blog that i am going to featured our group pictorial. This is just a continuation of  because we are Kikay 🙂. Here it goes. While preparing to have our photoshoot. Put some make up and nail polish, choosing our dress and accessories.

Then after preparing ourselves: PHOTOSHOOT in Group 🙂

Lemy, Angelique, Jhonielyn and ME 🙂

Us again 🙂

The Desperadas staring: Jhonielyn, Angelique, KC (me) Lemuel and Karen in Casual attire.

Next attire Party party? 🙂 Venue: in a not yet finished constructed house 🙂

Karen, Lemy, Angelique, Jho and Me!

And here it is our group photoshoot. Super fun yet tiring. I miss my girls. Hope to see them and have photoshoot again 🙂


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