Friends Forever…

It’s not because of how many years you been together but how one another helped you and stay with you no matter what happens. My friends who are always there for me through hard times and good times. I am lucky because they been a part of my whole life. Life tests our friendship but still here we are standing together stronger and even better.

Nowadays, it is very hard to find true friends and im glad that i found them. We have different personalities, different views and opinions on everything but we have the same goals in life to be successful in each field we choose and to be happy with one another.

Even though we been friends for years we still discover new things about each other either good or bad. I remember those times we spend laughing, crying, talking about anything, playing, solving problem and almost everything. I enjoyed it a lot. I appreciate those things we have shared.

Now i been busy because im working while them studying but still we find times to have some simple bondings.  Still they don’t forget me. This message is for all of you guys..

“Thank you for coming into my life and im sorry for those things i did wrong to all of you. I really appreciate everything you do to me. I hope our friendship will last forever and will grow.  Your secrets will be safe hahaha. Enjoy our life together. I will not forget you guys.. love you all :)…”

Song for this post. Friends Forever

“As we go on we remember all the time we spend together… Friends forever…”

to: Port Yir 08-09 and Cakofaces with Bhe’s


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