Christmas party in SACI

Tuesday morning i plan to fix my things that i will be needing in the our Party. As i fix those things i realized that i have a lot of stuffs so i only prepared the most essential and also it will not be so hard for me to bring all those stuffs.

Because i am one of the candidates in the party so i have to prepare different clothes. Anyway our theme is Summer or Bikini Open. at 6:30pm i went to the Mall to fix my hair with my co-workers.

(left to right: Paul (Kolin), Me-ann (Philips), Maci (my friend), Jude (3D).

After doing our hair we change our clothes and we went to our venue. Kidzworld is our venue.

This is our food.. yum yum 🙂

We waited so long for the closing shift but then we decided to eat our dinner… We enjoyed the food.

(left to right: Niña (asahi), Camille (Condura), Rose (kodak), Rhubi (CSA) and ME.

So after our dinner and some of our co-workers came in the venue. We prepared for the main event which is the Pageant night. We ramp one by one with corresponding partners and here you are the candidates.

Anyway im in purple bikini 🙂 I didn’t imagine that i can wear that hahaha super proud 🙂

After the pageant we prepared a dance presentation so happy to dance again. (im there at the back)

We had our Q and A then later on announced the winners. though i didn’t win i am super happy about the outcome. Everyone was so surprised and gave me positive comments For me it’s enough.

After the pageant we enjoyed the pool, picture taking, drinks and the karaoke.. All in all though the party didn’t go smoothly because of some unexpected happenings we  enjoyed it had fun 🙂 Thanks SACI for the good outcome.


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