Goodbye is just the beginning.

It’s been awhile since i post my last blog. I been busy working and now i’m having some little rest. My five months contract is finally over. It hurts so much that i will be leaving my co-workers and start something new again.

Late August of 2011, I was new then don’t know anything about what will happen to me and to my work but because there are people who really so helpful they taught me how to deal with this stuff, how to do this kind of things and etc. I been able to work happy and enjoy but tired at the same time. As time goes by i been able to handle those kind of stuff i was amazed that in simple ways i knew everything and this time i was the one who teach the new one.

I learned many things in my first job and i will tell you that sometimes it is really a challenging one for me but at least i enjoyed a lot. Being smart, being able to talk good, being patient and wise are those things that i must never forget.

Thank you for everything and i will never forget everything you did for me.. I will treasure those fun and sad times together. It’s hard to say goodbye but i will always here for everyone..  I will surely miss everyone muaaa love you all 😀


‎”Some people come, some people go. This is not the end but this is just the beginning of something new” -KC 😉



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