Spending the Holy week

It’s Mandy Thursday when my relatives came to our house and stay until Monday. It was a long vacation so they grab the opportunity to stay in our house. By the way They are from my Mother’s side.




Then next day which is Good Friday when we visited the Imus Cathedral for the first time. We were amazed because it was really beautiful. We roamed around Imus, took some pictures and bought some stuff then went home. It was a nice experience to go there and because it was my first time i wished for something. They said that if you will go to the church for the first time that wish will be granted. Well i just tried if that will happen.


The next day Black Saturday so we plan to go to Marine Base or the “Little Boracay of Cavite” unfortunately we didn’t go because we can’t find a affordable car to be rented. So we have a swimming pool good for 4 Persons so instead of going out we swim using the rubber swimming pool 🙂 Here are my cousins and sister with my Aunts and Mama. Later after swimming we went at the playground.

Easter Sunday “the Lord has risen”. We went at Dasma Church to hear a mass it was 6:45pm when we arrived and as we hear the mass i felt relieve and the moment that the priest baptized all of u. It was a nice experienced because the priest made us feel what happened before  when we were first baptized. Congratulations we are in the Christian world again.

Monday Morning. The Last day because it was also holiday so we planned to eat outside the house under our Alateris tree. What a nice view it feels we were in the farm talaga.

We enjoy eating, laughing, videoke, chit chat, swimming, Praying and everything. It was a enjoyable Holy week because it was not plan. I hope to see them next time. I love them 😀

I know that it doesn’t mean that it was a long vacation we need to enjoy but at the same time we need to pray and pray. God Bless us!

So you, how did you spend your Holy week?



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