Junior Year

Here i come another school year. Now i am in Junior year. 1 more year to go and ill be leaving my College life but for now my 3rd year life.

After a year of another world i conquered now its time to go back to reality of school. I learned a lot in my previous work and i really treasure everything. Last week in the month of May i was officially enrolled as 3rd year student. I am so nervous and everything because i feel like i will start to meet new friends and professors again just like what i used to do in my first year in the university. I assumed that i might be a Loner in the room or whatever.

Unexpectedly the negative things i think change to positive. (because i expect the worst) I met new friends and really feel that i am really belong to their group. Anyway i already know one of them that’s why i didn’t feel that i am different. I was so thankful because they are also like me such a kiddo, cheerful super matipid. In my professors i knew some of them and some are new to me but they are all nice.

Although i see my other classmates and friends sometimes chitchat and etc of course they are in Senior year so they might be too busy and our schedule really not fit to them but they are still my super true friends.

Prelim week is coming and really i miss what i do before. Sleepless nights because of home works, quizzes and projects and major exams in the coming months. Looking forward to much better grades for me and learn more.


The New LPU 🙂


(L-R) Tonie, Me, Gen and Maiza

“Thankful and praise God.”

KC ♥


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