Christmas Party with Kids

My classmates planned to spend our Christ party in a orphanage last Wednesday and i feel so blessed and lucky to spend it with the kids. I don’t have their pictures because it is not allowed. Its for the kids privacy. Anyway when we got there and saw those kids i was amazed because they are so naughty and nice to us. As we know that kids are like that.

One thing made me surprised when i handled 8 year old twins and a physically abled teenager. They are so sweet to me how they tell that they love and and how they are happy that time. It was my first time to go in an orphanage and first time to spend our Christmas Party, that is why it is very memorable to me and to my other classmates.

We play games, we had our story telling, eating and gift giving. Everyone i guess are very happy of the outcome of that party. The hardest thing for me is saying goodbye to them although they didn’t saw me having a teary eyes (because i don’t want them to be sad) they mean so much to me and i think all of us have the same feeling for them.

My only wish for them is that someday they will find a family that will love them and care them. I feel so blessed that i have a family loving me and care for me. I hope they will grow as a good children and an inspirations for everyone.

I will miss you kids! :* Image

My beloved ttm-302 with our professor Ms. Jizil


Dinner time @ Mcdonalds

(cto Jessica Rombopaz for the picts)


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