Mini Christmas party at our School

After our heartbreaking Prelim Exam na for sure i don’t get higher scores bawi nalang in Midterms, we had our Mini Christmas party at our room with our professors. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to captured everything on our party last Thursday aside that  i forgot to bring my camera and my phone was dead and im so damn sad. Anyway because of my generous classmate Ms. Junica she have a camera so after uploading the pictures i get it na. I hope she don’t mind haha. (photos viewed below is from her camera cto)

The first thing we did was to show our different presentations. The other group present it live and our group we made a video. Here is our video: Pasko sa Pinas.  After the presentations we played different kinds of games. The first game i joined was passing of the cards using our lips. We keep on repeating again and again but we didn’t won.

Group 1 in cards :)

Group 1 So why am i pointing 2? Epic sorry guys


OMG!!! hahahha

Anyway i enjoyed it so again proceed with the other games and the last game i joined was about those balloons. When they called my name i am in second thought because i am afraid (i guess phobia?) of balloons and the mechanics of the game is to pop those balloons using butt. It’s like what the h**** but still i stay calm then i try to ignored and conquer my fears and won the game. Whoaw imagine? yes we won.

during the game

yes while hearing for the mechanics of the game

what a face

Look at my face waaaaah!!!

the group 2

and after that we won 🙂 1 min 50 secs 😀 our rewards are candies and a mini notebook 😀

After games we eat our food because we are very hungry. The usual food Chicken fillet with rice plus sundae from ms. Jizil. I wasn’t able to finished the party because my mom texted me to go home so after cleaning my area i say goodbye to most of them.

All in all it was really fun with our 3 professors i was able to meet my classmates and bond them aside from the awkward feelings for them at first but i really enjoy i conclude that i really belong to their section. (i had a different section last semester and i was so sad when they gave me new section that is why i feel I am a loner or whatsoever but then i realize i was so wrong because of that party they are so nice and very responsible pala.)

Thanks ttm302 for adapting me chos! your section is so cool. Happy holidays see you next year 😀


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