Spending my Christmas 2012 and New year 2013

After the painful examinations it is time to have a BREAK! yes Christmas VACATION! Honestly, i wasn’t able to spend it wisely because i just want to stay at home and have some rest but i was so bored. I watched Television, surf the internet, sleepless nights, and everything, so for a change. I went to a Birthday party of a friend. I was surprised because my friend really prepared for it. So we ate with my classmate and then have some few shots, relax, eat and had some conversations i was able to go home before midnight and i really had fun with them.


For a presence a simple cake for Him and that Christmas tree? a well natuwa lang ako 🙂 ang sosyal kasi :p

Christmas eve and everyone was so busy. I made Leche Flan so matrabaho but still i had fun cooking it. While my mother cook some dishes. My boyfie also visited us and bring some cake. We just eat, laugh and took pictures. Unfortunately it was his camera we used so i wanted to blog na so i didn’t wait for him to upload it. It was just a simple Christmas with my family.



Noche Buena with Family ♥ after mass

After Christmas Day simple celebration woke up so late in the afternoon. Yes afternoon. I was busy doing the dishes until 2 am and just had a rest at 3:30am cool. (minsan lang naman hindi ba?) So back to ordinary days of just sleeping, dreaming, eating and anything boring. Anyway i watched some movies that made me kinda half so not bored na (anu raw?). It was Saturday when i am so desperate to go anywhere. Thank God i was able to go outside with my high school classmates. We watched movie Sisterakas, eat and drink. Really enjoyed to hang out with them and my first time to do those things with them 😀


cto: to Angelique for the picts (upload more pictures soon :))

It’s New years eve. Oh the busiest and the last day of 2012. Goodbye 2012, Welcome 2013. I learned so much about this year and im looking forward to more happy and blessed year ahead.


with Neighbors and Family. I hope my Papa and boyfie where here. Maybe next time. I HOPE!


oh well back to reality again and tomorrow i will have class na. Thank you Lord for everything good or bad i learned a lot and still wishing a good year ahead for me and my family. Also thanks to all the people i deal with my Elementary classmates and friends, High school classmates, friends, schoolmates and teachers, My college friends, professors and classmates, My co workers in NYK-FIL and SM Appliance, My Relatives, Neighbors, Closest Friends, boyfriend, Family and specially God. I love you all

CHEERS TO 2013 ♥♥♥Image


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