First time to be like KPOP

안녕하세요 Can’t understand? It means Hello in Korea. We had our KPOP performance last first week of March. It is our project in our Foreign Language which is Korean. So we need to sing or dance like a KPOP celebrities.

Anyway our Presentation was Dream High 1. It is hard to memorized the lyrics because we need to speak it clearly and not hula-hula. It was a enjoyable performance and Kudos to the other groups because they are so good.

This was what i wore in the presentation. Do i look like KPOP? heheheImage


While waiting 🙂



Two Korean instructor Sir Dwayne and Ms. Jasmine, our professor. Eating Filipino food after our performance.


This is my groupmates. Unfortunately we are not complete :(. I will show the video of our performance maybe next time because i did not get it from my classmate.

So here is our KPOP inspired look and fashion. I hope that we able to show it right.!

Dream high….


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