Learning new Culture.

An unexpected trip to SIlang, Cavite. We went to our professor’s house last week. We met her Family and they are really accommodating. I was thankful that Ms. Jasmin invited us. All of us shared our culture Filipino and Korean.


While eating. Urgh there are lots of food and i am so full. Maam jasmin is a good cook. My favorite is the kimbop. It is a rice meal with crab and vegetables inside. Really delicious.  Image

With Maam Jasmin’s Nephew, Rain and LeonardoImage

Classmates with Sir Dwayne.Image

Maam Jasmin told us that Filipinos are fast learner, Have different talent in dancing, singing, and musical instrument. that is why when Paul play the piano most of them were amazed.

I can say that Koreans are kind, and really they have good skin that is why i ask maam if what are their secrets. She suggest that never touch your face and if you do clean your hands first or put a alcohol. She never used any make up that is why she have good skin. I adore her promiseeee!


After we ate, time for some dessert. ICE CREAM Yahoo. so delicious! I really like sweets.Image

(L-R: Angelu, Lorry, Paul, Maam Jasmine, His husband, me, panchi and Sir Dwayne) 

This is US. Maam Jasmin with her husband, Sir dwayne and my Classmates. I really enjoy the moment eating, talking, playing instrument, singing and everything. Once again thank you again maam 🙂 감사합니다



until next time. I hope you like our presence ♥



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