Charity Works for a Project

Our Economics Professor gave us a project and it is to interview or help a family or children. Our topic is Poverty, so Family who cannot afford buying luxuries, enough food to eat, education for their children and etc.

I and my other group mates planned where and when we will go to that place. But first we bought some groceries good for three families to give when we go there.

I just want to share what happen before we went there.

That Friday Afternoon after we bought some groceries in the market, I am having the hard time to carry 2 boxes of groceries, it was so heavy that i carry it one at a time. We have no car to use so i have no choice but to commute. While in the Jeep i keep on praying that i can bring those stuff in our house so please help me Lord. I need to get all stuff again and ride again a tricycle but before i ride i need to pass on a highway and i even don’t know how because the boxes are to heavy. I am thinking on how will i call a tricycle. 

Suddenly there are two young boys wanted to ride a Jeep but failed because they will make sabit but the driver was mad at them so i approached them. “Bata? pwede mo ba ako itawag ng tricycle sa kabila? Kasi ang dami kong dala ang bigat, okay lang ba?” (Can you call a tricycle because i have heavy things to bring?) then the young boy said to me that, “ate tulungan ka nalang namin?” (We will help you to carry those things for you.) then i said “okay, thank you” So we passed on the highway and i was like omg thank you Lord you gave me those two kids. They helped me with the boxes until we reached the terminal of tricycles.

Then i said thank you and i gave money to them. I hope they used it on a good way. I guess i helped them to have money to ride a Jeep. Good deed i guess? 😀

God never failed to help me. awww! thank you Lord :*

So here are those 2 boxes. Now could you imagine how i was able to carry them? 😀


After that i prepared and divided it for the families.Image

My little sister and my mother helped me to repack those groceries, instead of 3 families, we made for 5 families. yey with a budget of 1800.00 php!


We bought foods, hygiene stuffs and we also gave rice and old clothes.

The Next day, we finally went to the location and honestly we realized how lucky we are of having a comfortable house, food and everything. Those families we interviewed have different stories about life and survival. Really touches our heart.








That was our adventure trip. It was so hot there, hungry and very tired but still managed to bring simple joys for those families. I hope the government should be more aware about those people. I know it is not an easy task to do but they should realized how blessed they are and should give back not just by giving stuffs but helping them to have work and good houses to stay.

I learned many things in this project and although this was not my first time to visit this like of place but my first time to talked to them and knowing their situations. One day i will be able to talk again and help them.



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