Hello! 4th year College!

Yes i am now officially a 4th year college and months from now (i Hope!) i and my batch mates will graduate. I am really excited and nervous at the same time. Just few more steps i will experience the real world although somehow i experience it na.

Well before that special day, which is our Graduation, we will still be facing challenges and these are Thesis, defense, events, exams, grades and projects. Yes and i hope that we can finish it all this semester and no one will fail so that we will march together.

Honestly, i been pressured because of what we are going to face this coming months and when i spoke to my closest classmate earlier because i see her looking thinner and she said “I am pressured and stressed”. We both feel the same way but i motivate her not to. Just enjoy it and keep praying because if we will think and think about those challenges we might not be productive that is why we just think to survive and our inspiration is GRADUATION DAY! funny but true.

Is it really what graduating students are thinking and feeling also? urgh! but let’s be positive alright? We can do it kung baga MANALIG TAYO! 😀

TTM 405

TTM 405 at our beautiful library at Lyceum of the Philippines Cavite Campus

Thesis Mates

with my thesis mates

Tropa ♥

and they are my Tropa!



Move Forward, try and Keep it up! 🙂


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