Thesis Defense! (APPROVED with minor revisions.)

We came to school early so that we can prepare to our Final thesis defense. Our schedule was after lunch but unfortunately there are changes with the schedule. The ending was we were the last group to have our defense.

This was few minutes before we will enter the room and start.

(L-R: Angela Flores, Jersey Jimenez, Rosette Cuello, KC Mariño and Jhenna Barias.)Image

And finally this is it our turn. So nervous


While fixing the laptop and materials, Our panelists smile and said the KPOP Group. Image

Question and Answer Portion that will be compare to a Beauty Contest. 🙂Image

The defense go smooth and exciting. We were approved with minor revisions and it was so happy and fulfilling that finally all our hardship and effort are all worth it. We learned to be patient, understanding and etc. It was so cool and nice. We would like to thank for those people who helped us to finished it, who understand and support  us. xoxo.

The KPOP Grouped with the Adviser and the Panelists. Thank You and Godbless




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