Graduation Season

It’s Graduation Season and I can’t help it but reminisce . It was a crazy and enjoyable time of my life. Imagine to graduate twice? That day, everyone was so busy and emotional. Way back 2009, when I first enter college my mindset was to graduate right away, to study hard and bring out the best i can. Of course, it was not an easy thing but a tough one. There were happy and sad moments, easy and hard times. I have a lot of situations that enable me to push harder and also to give up something but hey I was able to come at this point in my life where i am going to received my diploma and say hello to the real world.

Graduation is not the end but only the beginning of more challenges. It is a moment of your life that all the hardships you encountered will be rewarded. All your sacrifices and decisions were worth it. It is just a start of something new and kinda harder. The years spent in college that made you become right now, the influences from peers from professors from people will be your guide to the future.

Lets me also thank my family who has given me everything in order for me to graduate. Without them I can’t do it. They also work hard to give me a good education. I hope i made them proud with my achievement. In return, let us give them what they also deserved. To be a successful one someday.

Anyway.I just wanted to share to you my graduation photos before and during the ceremony.


In Toga pictorial,


In Wacky Filipiniana dress.


In Corporate attire.

This was During the first ceremony. April 2014

IMG_4222-28   IMG_4210-25

IMG_4195-16 IMG_4209

with Candy my co OJT and my Sis from another mother, Jherz, which is a Cum Laude Congrats!

And during the 2nd ceremony!

DSC08486  DSC08497

Hehe Finally my diploma!!!

DSC08493     DSC08478

I’ve enjoy the Second part of the Graduation because of the things our  speaker shared to us graduates. Much intimate ceremony than the first one. Thank God for everything and My family!

Our speaker said “Live High Dream Big and Fight for it.” I will treasure his words!

-KC 🙂




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