Im Back!! Hello Change :)

Hi there WordPress!! I know it’s been years since i posted a blog here and i really miss it! Finally, i been able to post again because i have a lot of things to share. I was thinking to delete this page but i realize, sayang naman right? So here i am coming back again (buti ka pa binabalikan #hugot)

Anyway, So i plan that the things will be posted here is about my travel thang or something about foods and something i can share to inspire or to help you my readers. I think i will be able to post blogs here often with the help of my smartphone unlike before because i am really lazy to used a desktop or a laptop.

I encountered a lot of things since last year and i find it really hard to share it but because of that situation i was able to conquer my fear and i am living my life as happy as i can. I know that every ending has a beginning so here i am i WELCOME CHANGE! Change for the best. Keri to!

I just thank God today that He give me strength and motivate me to face every challenges and to all the people who helped me in times of downfall. I know that it will be all worth it in time. I just need to be patient and hardworking. Focus on my career and future first. For everyone who struggle on a lot of situation today i pray for you guys. Think positive always and be happy. 🙂



xoxo… KC 😀



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