Puerto Galera Escapade

After months of working hard, it’s about time to get some rewarded trip to Puerto Galera. I and all my officemates in our branch went to Puerto Galera for a 2 Days 1 night trip branch outing.

Day 1: April 9, 2016. 5:00am we travel to Batangas Port and arrived there at 7:30 am. We bought the tickets when we booked our lodging. We expected that we can rode a Motor boat early so we can go at the island early morning but unfortunately we had some delays. We took hours of waiting in the port.It was already 11 am when finally we can rode a Motor boat. It was a 1 1/2 hours trip to Muelle and a 20 mins drive to our lodge.

Finally we arrived in the lodging which is the Victoria’s Bed and Breakfast. The owners were really accommodating and they allow us to check in early. After we prepare our things we ate lunch near the white beach. It was 5 mins walk from where we stayed. Even though it was kinda far we didn’t notice that we are walking that far. We tried the usual Filipino food because we dont have any energy to find other food because we were already tired and hungry. While eating, we asked the owner of the lodge if we can avail an island hopping activities, so she offers us a package which is a boat rental for island hopping good for 6 pax for 1500php and an additional 400 for another activities which are Underground cave, fish feeding, snorkling and giant clam. Our guide was very knowledgeable and friendly that we really enjoy the tour. Even we dont really know how to swim.It really took me a courage to do that huh!

After the activities we came back to the white beach to eat again because we are really tired and watching the sunset in Puerto Galera was amazing.😱😱

We spend some hours swimming on the evening and ate our dinner and have some drinks in the lodge. Our place was clean and comfortable it is highly recommended though you just need some effort to walk when you need to go the beach. They have wifi access, airconditioned rooms with televisions and toiletries. They have bar in the rooftop and can cook food there. Their accommodation includes breakfast. The room rate was 2500php good for 2 extra person was 800php.

While some of them enjoying the drinks in the roof. Mina and I went to the beach to check their night life. We met some people and hang out for a while. We tried their signature”Mindoro Sling” and we watched Fire dance.The beach was very crowded because there were many bars and performances every station.

We came back in the lodge at 1am and woke up 5am to witness the sunrise the next morning. We took some pictures and got the chance to stay there for few hours.

Overall i really enjoyed the trip with my officemates and this will be the last time because some of us will transfer to other branch. Huhuhu!😫😫 Anyway thank you Lord for keeping us safe during the trip. 😇😇

-Xoxo KC 😘


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