My Batangas Trip (Solo-ing)

My first birthday leave, so tinake advantage ko na. I want to travel alone, to spend my time alone. So in short ng soul searching ako at Batangas ang napili kong lugar. It was supposed to be an overnight kaso hindi natuloy.

It was my first time to travel that far all by myself and first time in that place. I just wanted to experience being a solo traveler. I discover a restaurant, a nice church and the beach para mag muni muni .

Of course before i went there i researched about the place how i will be able to go there what are the places i can see etc. So i prepare my things and myself.

I rode a DLTB bus going to Nasugbu at 9:45 am in Robinsons Dasmarinas. The fare was 160+. It took me 2+ hours non stop trip to Batangas. That was too far huh. Honestly, ang sakit sa pwet nun hahaha. The bus has an hour trip so you dont have to worry going back. So many nice views infairness maganda naman view sa Batangas. After i traveled for two hours finally i reached my destination. Dahil past 12 noon na i went to a restaurant to eat my lunch. It’s name is “Kainan sa Dalampasigan” you just need to ride a tricycle maybe  2-4 mins ride and you can reach the restaurant.

It has a unique ambiance your like eating in a garden full of flowers and plants. They said that if your going to Nasugbu you need to experience dining here.  So i ordered beef broccoli, a rice and a drink. Their food is good for 2 persons and because i am alone i really don’t know how will i am going to finish the food i ordered haha!  Anyway there are few people eating on the place and i think it is ideal for events also because the area was too big but not crowded.

After i ate my lunch i don’t know where am i heading so i ask the tricycle driver the nearest church they have in a place. The people are really nice and helpful the drivers wont charge you higher prices and i was happy how honest they are. I went in a church name St. Francis Xavier Parish Church. It was Kinda big church at the center of Nasugbu. I prayed for guidance because i am travelling alone and prayed for some other things. I hope He will listened. It was Friday so there are only few people going to the church.

My adventure continues i walked around the place and decided to go to the nearest beach they have. I rode a tricycle asked the driver what places i can visit there so he send me in their public beach i thought there are lot of people but i was alone i enjoy the calmness of the beach, best for my “soul searching thing” i stayed there because I’m kinda tired walking and just enjoying the moment alone.

Hello my haggard face haha! Selfie Selfie time while chilling near the beach. Thinking a lot of things haha. There was a man offering me a package in the  Fortune island. I really wanted to go there but i am kinda scared because it was late afternoon and I’m the only one of course security reasons na rin . So i asked Kuya’s number so that the next time i will come back, i have friends with me. Finally, i came back in the bus station and ready to go home.




Pro’s of travelling alone:

  1.  I don’t have a hard time asking somebody if he/she is okay or hungry or tired etc.
  2. I can do anything without restrictions going here, doing that, etc.
  3. I learned to budget my expenses (ex. resto to eat, skip meryenda, walk rather than riding puvs, etc) although you can save with group expenses but there are things travelling alone saves.
  4. Sticking to the plan.
  5. Discovered something in yourself.
  6. Have a peace of Mind 🙂

Con’s of travelling alone:

  1. No chika buddy, I was quiet all day.
  2. Security reasons.
  3. Eating on a resto and the servings are good for 2 or more persons.
  4. No second opinions.


Whatever purpose of your travel i hope you stay happy and have an enjoyable one. Sometimes you need some “me time” and sometimes you need a “goupie” time. Just be alert when alone.Always find happiness and  discoveries while travelling.

Have Fun! xoxo


2 thoughts on “My Batangas Trip (Solo-ing)

  1. Claude says:

    Mag kano ang room or accomodation per night ang pinuntahan mo sa batangas? Gusto ko kasi rin pumunta dyan. Paano? Maraming salamat. 😊😊

    • KC says:

      Stay there for a day tour lang pero maraming available resorts, rooms doon. From Dasmarinas, Cavite sumakay lang ako DLTB bus to Nasugbo 2 1/2 hrs travel time. Sorry for the late reply not active na sa wordpress 🙂 thanks for visiting my page 🙂

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