Mt. Maculot Day Hike

I was invited by a good friend in high school to climb a mountain in Batangas which is Mt. Maculot. Honestly, i didn’t have any background about climbing a mountain. So after i confirmed my schedule i told him i gonna join their group.

I packed my things the night before the climb. I also researched what to expect, what to do etc. I wanted my first climb to be memorable and enjoyable one. I woke up 3am (yeah i think i didn’t sleep at all) prepare my packed lunch, water and myself did some stretching/warm up.

At 5 am we went in our meeting place which is at Robinsons Dasmarinas waited some of their friends and at 6 am we travel to Batangas by a van. (My friend,his Girlfriend and their officemates were my buddies during the trip) It took us 2 hours +++ drive to reach the drop off point.

At 8:30am, We registered in the drop off point and after that we hire a tour guide. Later on we started our long journey. We prayed for a safe climb and took some pictures with newly found buddies. It was an easy climb at first there are stop overs on the trails so you can rest for a while or buy a drink. I felt the weight of my bag after few minutes of walking. Kinda heavy haha..



We reached the 1st station at 11am where we ate our lunch together  and to prepare ourselves to reach the summit. Mt. Maculot Traverse has 3 peaks, The Rockies, The Summit and The Grotto with 930 MASL, and said to be top 3 mountains for beginners. (In my case the top 3 became my first climb.) The First peak was The Rockies, we were able to leave our things in the campsite. Rockies was just few meters away from the campsite. The trail was a bit hard because it was slippery and lots of sharp rocks. We took some pictures.There are many people on that place kinda crowded but its okay. When you reach the peak of Rockies you will see the nicest view of Batangas. It was really high and dangerous because every corner was a cliff but it felt so good to be at the top.




But hey there are still 2 peaks and that Rockies was just a warm up. (hey really can i go down na?) The struggle going to the summit was really challenging i swear. The weather was not good but we managed to continue because there’s no turning back though the rain was not that really that strong. Now my legs are very tired and though there are stopovers my motivation was to reach the summit right away.After hours of walking finally we reach the summit. (i thought i cant make it, i am still alive.) The view there was really amazing imagine we climb 930 MASL the pain i felt was gone after we reached the summit. (achieved na achieved)



After few minutes in the summit we decided to go down. I thought climbing up was very hard but for me going down was the hardest because it was really slippery and one wrong moved you might fall in the ravine. I am extra cautious walking (drive me crazy!!). I learned some rappelling thingy (i didnt do that ever since just for this one). My legs are very numb and my things felt so heavy.I cant really walk because of the pain i felt. Thankful that some of my Friend’s office-mates were very helpful. It took us so long going down because the rain was so hard and muds was on our shoes legs and hands.

The last part was The Grotto, though it was the smallest peak among the three because we are all tired it wasn’t easy at all. and we need to go down again so we can reached the drop off point. As i remember we reach the dropoff point 6pm. 10 hours climb in total.

It was the most unforgettable moment of my life because it was my first time to climb a mountain. All the pain i felt was turn to happiness because as a first timer never thought i can’t make it because it was too high. Achievement it is I did it! Hooray! This will not be the last climb because i really wanted to climb again. I hope that it fits my schedule.

Thank you Lord for another adventure you gave to me. I’ve gained new friends and learned new things. I will treasure this moment. To more adventures soon.


PS: for the expenses i guess i spent less than 700 php for the van and tour guide because we are in group so the expenses lessen each pax.